Sharp and striking. A modern-day Godfather.

Anna Downes

‘Tight and tense, The Second Son is a

wonderfully sharp-toothed crime thriller.’

Christian White

A tense, sinuous, fast-moving debut where hard answers

are given to questions of honour and justice.’

Garry Disher

‘Hi-octane, raw and emotional.

A compelling and gritty  debut.’ 

Greg Woodland

‘Outstanding … a gripping whodunnit.

Original and straight from the heart.’

Kate London

‘Loraine Peck’s debut novel is as relentless as headlights following you at night, full of spark, simmering violence and outright gang bloodshed.’


Loraine Peck

A native of Sydney, Australia, Loraine Peck started out as a painter, then a magician’s assistant, croupier, bartender, sales manager and finally a marketing director and consultant to the property industry, working in Australia, the Middle East, Asia and the US.



10 March 2021

Instore at Collins Booksellers, Thirroul